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Better Mortgage Reviews

23 Consumer Reviews provides new mortgages or refinances on existing mortgages via a group of lenders. They use 5 criteria to formulate interest rates & loan amounts.

By J.R. Duren

HighYa Staff Updated on: Feb 28, 2018

If you're looking for a mortgage, you've entered the arena at a pretty good time in history.

Instead of doing hours of research online before...

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Loans for Blacklisted People South Africa | Online Loans ...

Loans for Blacklisted provide people with the best possible options to get loans for blacklisted. You can feel safe and secured with us.

We purvey the services for loans all over South Africa. You can now take care of your money independently by taking our help and doing the right thing. Different and flexible interest rates and period of payments make your financial life a bit easier. Even if...

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Super jumbo mortgage - Wikipedia

Borrowers wishing to "Cash Out" in a super jumbo mortgage refinance can expect limits not only to LTV but also to gross cash proceeds from the transaction. Cash out refinancing is a very popular use of Super Jumbo mortgages, as it allows individuals to "take profits" from appreciated real estate with minimal tax consequences. Some lenders do allow for unlimited cash out on Super Jumbo mortgage...

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Date: 2018-03-28 02:41:18

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Mortgage industry of the United States - Wikipedia

Some companies, called correspondent lenders, sell all or most of their closed loans to these investors, accepting some risks for issuing them. They often offer niche loans at higher prices that the investor does not wish to originate.

Securitization allows the banks to quickly relend the money to other borrowers (including in the form of mortgages) and thereby to create more mortgages than the...

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Date: 2018-03-11 20:02:14

Mortgage rate rise to hit millions: Banks lining up to ...

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The banks also blame the rises on a need to offer better interest rates to savers.

RBS has already ordered the increase of 0.25 per cent to 4 per cent on its RBS and NatWest-branded offset mortgages


Homeowners sat on Halifax standard variable rate mortgages at 3.5 per cent received a rude shock, as the lender hiked their monthly...

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Loan Process FAQ’s | Mortgage Equity Partners

Q: Why is there so much paperwork and is it all really necessary?

A: The paperwork you receive are disclosures and there are three types: federal disclosures, state disclosures, and lender disclosures. Federal and state disclosures are required by law to be delivered to every borrower. Lender disclosures aid in explaining specific lender requirements or provide information that the lender...

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Land and Home Construction Loans - American Savings Bank

Purchase a vacant lot in Hawaii to build your dream home tomorrow.

Monthly interest-only payments for three years (term)

Fixed interest rate during the term

No prepayment penalty

Available for land purchase with construction plans within three years

Credit of up to one...

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Investment Property Home Loans | TD Bank

Residential investment property mortgages differ from primary home mortgages in four key areas:

Downpayment: Investment property mortgages usually require a larger downpayment.

Interest Rate: Investment property mortgages usually have higher rates.

Loan Underwriting: Residential investment property mortgages may be underwritten differently than properties that are owner-occupied.

Property Size: At TD Bank, residential mortgages for investment properties are for buildings with 1 - 4 units. If you're interested in a building that is mixed-use, commercial or more than 5 units,...

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Avoid loan from PNB and PNB HFL, They are cheaters and ...

It was a doom's day when I took home loan from PNB HFL and I want to share my experience so that no other person should ever get fooled and go to this organisation for loan.

It is much more better to take loan from ICICI and HDFC rather than searching for different options and landing up here.

First of all PNB HFL is no where related to PNB Bank. It is a private NBFC limited which is paying...

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Wells Fargo to pay at least ... - Daily Mail Online


Wells Fargo & Co has agreed to pay $175million to resolve allegations it discriminated against qualified African-American and Hispanic borrowers in its mortgage lending, the U.S. Justice Department said on Thursday.

In the second-largest settlement of its kind, the biggest U.S. mortgage lender will pay $125million to borrowers who were allegedly steered into higher-priced subprime loans...

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Property investment - BNZ

All home loans are subject to our lending criteria (including minimum equity requirements), terms and fees. Interest rates are subject to change. An establishment fee of up to $400 may apply for personal lending (the fee may be different for non-personal lending). Not for business purposes.��

Rates subject to change without notice.

Classic fixed rates are only available when you have at least 20% equity in the property provided as security. This rate is not available for some investor lending. For residential property investors,�more equity may also be required where Reserve Bank� minimum equity restrictions apply . A BNZ...

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Date: 2018-02-01 22:49:35

HomeStreet Woodland Hills Home Loan Center - Woodland ...

HomeStreet Woodland Hills Home Loan Center


Michael & Susan Rosen recommends Karen Natapoff


We would like to take the opportunity to thank Karen for her diligent work in explaining the various options based on our specific needs. First and foremost she is a great listener, and as result we felt extremely confident in proceeding with her suggestions for our recent re-fi. The...

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rateGenius Lending Services | Auto, Home, and Insurance


Terms of Use

RateGenius saves you the hassle of finding the best possible interest rate for your current auto loan. We do the "shopping" for you by working with over 200 different banks and credit unions from across the country. Through our relationship with those lenders, we can refinance...

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Home Equity Solutions - Flagstar Bank

Log in to business online banking

Home Equity Solutions

Tailored to meet your needs. If you require extra funds to help pay for big projects or unforeseen circumstances, Flagstar offers a variety of home equity options to help you reach your goals.

Home Equity Line of Credit

2.74% APR1

Want the flexibility to borrow on an as-needed basis in a pinch? A home equity line of credit may be just what...

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Date: 2018-03-30 08:17:04

How your credit score affects your mortgage rate

Without a high credit score, you won't qualify for the best mortgage rates available, which could mean you'll end up paying more money over the term of your mortgage. Even with rates at historic lows right now, the difference between 3.5% and 3.75% can add up, especially if you're applying for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage.

Along with a low�debt-to-income ratio�and a strong financial history,...

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New Car Finance | Car Loan Rates | New Car Loans | IMB ...


For cars up to 2 years old

6.34% paComparison Rate*

New Car Loan

With great rates and no penalty for early payout, the IMB New Car Loan could have you cruising in the car of your dreams sooner than you thought.

Australia Lending Awards Best Secured Personal Loan Lender

Great interest rates

Fixed repayments for easy budgeting

No penalty for early repayments


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Date: 2018-03-30 08:23:09

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Property Prices in Canada | Canadian Real Estate Prices

Is Canada's amazing house price boom coming to an end?

by Lalaine C. Delmendo

Canada's housing market remains very strong, with house prices continue to accelerate. However, it is expected to slow this year, amidst the introduction of another set of market-cooling measures, on the backdrop of rising mortgage interest rates.

House prices in Canada's eleven major cities rose by 9.07% during 2017...

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Rising Mortgage Rates & Buying a Home - Consumer Reports

Bankrate data

Housing Market Has Mostly Recovered

It's not just mortgage rates that are on the rise. Housing prices are also rising in most markets across the country. As prices rise, the� Federal Housing Finance Agency �recently increased the maximum conforming loan amount for mortgages that meet Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines in most areas of the country to�$453,100, an increase...

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Debt Relief Options: Explore Your Options & Find Your Debt ...


Here is a look at each of those solutions and how they might provide some debt relief for you.

Programs and Services Often Left to a Professional

While you can handle debt-relief solutions yourself, some options are often left to a professional.

Credit Counseling

Working with a nonprofit credit counseling agency provides a clear picture of your financial options. They will review...

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Federal Reserve raises interest rates for second time in a ...

An interest rate hike will affect anyone with a home mortgage, car loan, savings account or money in the stock market. Here's what it means for your wallet. (Daron Taylor/The Washington Post)

The Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate on Wednesday for the first time in a year and signaled that rates could continue to rise next year more quickly than officials had expected.


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15-Year Fixed Mortgage - Flagstar Bank

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15-Year Fixed Mortgage

Find a loan officer

Make it yours-in less time.

If you have the finances to pull off a larger payment each month, a shorter-term fixed-rate loan may be the way to go. You'll be able to pay off your home loan in half the time of a typical 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. That way, you'll be able to focus on other things--like saving up for...

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What is Purchase Loan? definition and meaning

purchase loan


A loan that is acquired to purchase something. Car loans and home loans are considered to be purchase loans. Purchase loans are usually repaid over a designated point of time and are issued with some sort of fixed or variable interest rate . "Becky and Tom applied for a purchase...

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Learn How to Apply for a Mortgage and What You'll Need

How to apply for a mortgage

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Date: 2018-03-26 18:07:18

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Credit Sudhaar Finance | Personal Loans for low CIBIL score

Call us on 022 6263 2626


Loans For People With Low Credit Score

Your journey from rejection to approval of loans begins here !

Credit Sudhaar Finance is an NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company), which offers loans to people, who have low credit scores and are struggling to break a cycle of poor credit.

Free Credit Score in India

Credit Sudhaar Review

How Much Will...

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Home Equity Loans - First Merchants Bank

Total Payments Over Life of Loan




**4.46% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is based on 80% Loan to Value, 700 credit score and includes a $50 processing fee.  The $186.24 monthly payment is based on $10,000 financed for 5 years with a fixed rate of 4.46%. 

Lower your monthly payment by hundreds! This example shows over a 21% savings.

Consolidating debt is often one of the smartest financial solutions, but it is also important to honestly examine your budgetary or...

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Most Popular Bad Credit Lenders in Ontario - Life on Credit

Many bad credit loan providers in Ontario, Canada offer financing to individuals with tarnished credit. They offer payday loans, home equity lines of credit, and other types of financing.

Bad Credit Lenders in Toronto and the GTA

Tribecca is a private provider that offers loans to help repair and establish credit, pay medical and unexpected expenses, and consolidate bills. Prudent Financial...

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Home - The Provident Bank

Home Equity Lines of Credit

Home Equity Lines of Credit

The Provident Bank offers home equity lines of credit that allow you to take advantage of the equity you have built up in your home. Because this is a revolving line, you can borrow, repay and borrow again to provide funding for what is most important to you. Our knowledgeable staff is available...

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How safe are internet mortgage lenders? | Yahoo Answers


How safe are internet mortgage lenders?

I am located in Hawaii. Looking for 30-yr fixed rate mortgage. Seems Internet Mortgage Lenders (IML) offer better interest rates than local lenders. Concerned about long term viability and stability of IMLs. Concerned about responsiveness and lack of local representative. Are IMLs able to consistently close... show more I am located in Hawaii.


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Suncoast Credit Union - Tampa, FL

Suncoast Credit Union! I believe that people whom do their jobs,and do them well,deserve to be rewarded! And I do this by saying "Great job Danielle! I am very grateful !" I also received a high level of service by the Vanderbilt branch customer service rep., Lina! And she too should receive mention! Great job girls!!

Nevin Parrish McLeran

Steven Lowry

July 16, 2015

Absolutely the most arrogant...

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Granny Flat Finance and Loans | Granny Flat Approvals Sydney

Home » Finance

Obtaining finance for your granny flat

Granny Flat Approvals have partnered with Choice Home Loans, They are national innovators in providing mortgage services and creating home loan solutions for people around Australia. Choice Home Loans have won multiple Australian Mortgage awards because of their commitment to excellent customer service, professionalism, reliability, integrity...

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Date: 2017-10-25 08:11:31

Mortgage Loan Officer Jose Gomez in Las Vegas, NV | U.S. Bank

First-Time Homebuyer

Ready to say "goodbye" to your landlord? At U.S. Bank in Las Vegas, we have financing options that are perfect for first-time homebuyers. We can help you consider all of the factors, such as homeowner's insurance, property taxes, closing costs, and more. You can even check out our online Home Mortgage Calculators to get an idea of what your monthly payments may be. Call...

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Date: 2018-03-02 18:18:25

15 vs 30 Year Mortgage: The Pros and Cons of Each

Advertising Disclosure

DoughRoller receives compensation from some companies issuing financial products, like credit cards and bank accounts, that appear on this site. Unless a post is clearly marked "Sponsored", however, products mentioned in editorial articles and reviews are based on the author's subjective assessment of their value to readers, not compensation. Compensation may impact how and...

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Home Improvement, Solar Loans and Green Loans | Prosper


*For example a three-year $10,000 loan with a Prosper Rating of AA would have an interest rate of 5.32% and a 1% origination fee for an APR of 5.99% APR. You would receive $9,900 and make 36 scheduled monthly payments of $302. A five-year $10,000 loan with a Prosper Rating of A would have an interest rate of 7.69% and a 5% origination fee for an APR of 9.88% APR. You would receive...

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Who crashed the economy?

Written by admin on March 24, 2017 - 9:00 pm

Nine banks have today hiked interest rates, out-of-cycle, on regulators confirmation of a housing bubble.

On Monday, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) chairman Greg Medcraft remarked "I've been saying for a while I thought it was a bubble, other people are catching up now,"

The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data...

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ANZ Bank watches home loan risks 'like a hawk' as profits ...

ANZ Bank chief executive Shayne Elliott has warned the bank is watching the high level of household debt "like a hawk", amid concerns some geared-up customers squeezed by weak wage growth will be vulnerable to future shocks.

Play Video

The latest warning about risks in the mortgage market came as investors predicted a share buyback of about $4 billion next year after the bank flagged it was...

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How To Get A $2000 Dollar Loan Even If You Have A Bad ...

Need to borrow up to $2,000 today? A guide on your entire personal loan options, even if you have bad credit.

2000 dollar loan. (photo credit: PR)

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If you are looking for money to meet some expenses like taking a vacation or getting extra money for the wedding, you may consider getting a personal loan. This is a type of loan wherein you don't have any collateral...

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Cash Out Refinance Explained -

Select Page

Cash Out Refinance Explained

Loans are taken out on homes today for a variety of different reasons, and it is very important for you to know just why you want that loan. The first thing that we want to say, is that nationwide home loans , or refinances, are often taken out when the homeowners want to replace their existing mortgage. Sometimes they want to obtain a lower interest rate,...

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Home Equity Line of Credit | Lending | BB&T Bank

Home Equity Line of Credit

Make life easier with a flexible line of credit

Best if you

Have available equity in your home

Have a borrowing need such as home improvement, major purchases or debt consolidation

Want a line of credit that's available when you need it

Want overdraft protection for your BB&T checking account


Option to lock in balances with a fixed rate and term

Enjoy a line of...

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National Monthly Average Mortgage Rates * 2015


Source: (1) Freddie Mac, (2) HSH Associates, (3) Federal Housing Finance Board

(1) Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation's (Freddie Mac) Weekly Primary Mortgage Market Survey (PMMS), Monthly Average Values. National average rates on conventional, conforming, 30- and 15-year fixed and 1-Year CMT-indexed adjustable rate mortgages. Starting from January 2005, 5/1 hybrid ARM rates are available.

Each week Freddie Mac surveys 125 lenders and the mix of lender types (thrifts, commercial...

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Mortgage Choice Liverpool | Mortgage Choice


Suite 9a, Level 1, 138-140 Elizabeth Drive LIVERPOOL, NSW 2170

Welcome to MORTGAGE CHOICE LIVERPOOL, conveniently located in close proximity to Liverpool's CBD on the corner of The Elizabeth Drive and Flowerdale Road. Servicing the needs of clients in one of Sydney's fastest growing regions and specifically those in Liverpool, Mt Pritchard, Casula, Chipping Norton, Hammondville,...

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Credit unions in the United States - Wikipedia

Credit unions in the United States

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


RTP Federal Credit Union in Research Triangle Park , North Carolina.

Credit unions in the United States serve 100 million members, comprising 43.7% of the economically active population. [1] [2] U.S. credit unions are not-for-profit, cooperative , tax-exempt organizations. [3] As of March 2016, the largest American credit...

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Date: 2018-03-14 14:35:05

Mortgage Rates - Mortgages - Bank of Ireland

The lender is Bank of Ireland Mortgages. Lending criteria and terms and conditions apply. A typical mortgage to buy your home of EUR100,000 over 20 years with 240 monthly instalments costs EUR615.79 per month at 4.2% variable (Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APRC) 4.3%). APRC includes EUR150 valuation fee and mortgage charge of EUR175 paid to the Property Registration Authority. The total...

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Home Loans - Flagstar Bank - Banks in Michigan, Personal ...

A mortgage expert will review and provide you the terms, conditions, disclosures, and additional details on the interest rates that apply to your individual situation.

1Rate as of 3/29/2018 10:06 AM ET. The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) calculation is based on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage in the amount of $240,000 for the purchase of a single-family, primary residence with 80% loan-to-value...

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Mortgages in Canada – Must Knows

Mortgage Interest Rates - Affordability - Eligibility - Salary to Loan Value

Am I eligible for a mortgage?

The only way to be absolutely certain you will get a mortgage in Canada is to go to a bank and get mortgage pre-approval. Your lender will then commit to lending you money with specified terms.

You are under no obligation to accept a mortgage at this stage, but it serves to establish whether...

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General Guidelines of Reverse Mortgage – Deal4loans

Guidelines of Reverse Mortgage - The Reserve Bank of India has formulated the following guidelines for a Reverse Mortgage.

-Maximum loan amount would be up to 60 percent of the value of the residential property.

-Maximum tenure of the mortgage is 15 years and minimum is 10 years. Some banks are now also offering a maximum tenure of 20 years.

-Option of monthly, quarterly, annual or lump sum loan...

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French mortgage calculator - France Home Finance

Estimated cash needed to close


Cash needed to close is an estimated figure that incorporates your down payment; notaire, legal, bank & broker fees.

Important Notes: This calculator is for guidance only. It does not constitute an offer and does not take into account your personal eligibility for a...

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Date: 2018-03-30 12:37:47

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Credit Grade Guide - Mortgage-X

This guide was designed to help you assess your possible credit rating and what type of terms you can expect from a lender. Please keep in mind this is only a general guide as some lenders place different grades based upon their own method of evaluation.

The following main factors determine your Credit Grade:


The credit is broken into three primary categories:

1. Mortgage Credit -- Your...

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Date: 2017-04-27 19:24:21

Citizens One Home Loans in Glen Allen, VA | Whitepages

Additional Info


CCO Mortgage originates and services an array of mortgage loans, including Federal Housing Administration, Veterans Administration, conventional, fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgages and jumbo loans. The company operates offices in more than 15 states and employs...

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What to Consider When Buying a Second Home with a Mortgage

Consider your goals

Maybe you want a vacation home to visit on weekends, holidays or in the summer. Or you'd like to live in the home when you retire or pass it on to your children. Owning a second home may come with perks, like potential tax write-offs , depending on how you use it. But a second home for vacations is very different from an investment property you buy to generate income. That...

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Date: 2018-03-23 23:13:38

Mortgage Rates in NJ | Home Equity Loan Rates - Clifton ...



APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Rates effective 3/19/2018 and subject to change without notice. Special offers may be discontinued without prior notice. 

*Preferred CD Rates requires a Preferred Checking account.

× 8 Month Classic CD requires a minimum opening deposit of $10,000 consisting of funds which have not been on deposit at CSBK for the past 6 months.

Rate Raiser[TM] account requires an opening deposit of $25,000, consisting of funds which have not been on deposit at CSBK for the past 6 months; service fee applies if monthly average balance...

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