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Ohio Bad Credit Home Loans

Believe it or not there are Ohio�bad credit home loans and other Ohio�real estate mortgages available for those stuck with a bad credit score. In some cases your employment, income or assets can help compensate for a low credit score. For other home buyers it may be necessary to use credit repair services before obtaining a home loan.

Most real estate lenders focus...

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Ohio Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders (OH)

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Ohio Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders

People looking to buy a house in Ohio should be slightly wary of the local economy. Although the Cleveland metropolitan area's economy has been in recession since the latter part of 2000, there are signs that the recession may be nearing its end. As one of the major...

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Bad Credit Home Loans in Ohio - Mortgages

Any lien not attached to the title is OK

Mortgage lates

Turned down by a bank

If there is nothing we can do at this time, we can also personally assist you by helping you with the credit repair process. This will be your first step to moving towards the goal of getting a home loan. We will walk you through a couple easy steps to help improve your credit score. We know from experience what to do...

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Ohio FHA mortgage Loan Lenders Banks List | Click Quote Save

Ohio FHA mortgage Loan Lenders Banks List

Searching for local FHA mortgage lenders and banks in Ohio. Click Quote Save has compiled a detailed list of FHA/HUD approved lenders who are local in OH state. Our main mission is to help consumers save both money and time by comparing multiple quotes online by only completing one form. You...

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Bank of America - Online Banks Guide | Bank Locations

Bank of America Mortgage

Bank of America offers a wide range of mortgage and home loan products along with the rates that can be customized with just a phone call. BOA's online services allow you to go through the simple procedure of prequalification and obtain the approval for your loan amount. Once you prequalify successfully, you are offered a choice of mortgage programs and attractive rates....

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