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5 Tips for Smart Refinance Rate Shoppers - RefiAdvisor

Mortgage Blog > How To Guide > 5 Tips for Smart Refinance Rate Shoppers

March 8, 2013

by Robert Regehr

Are you in the market for refinancing your home mortgage? If so, you've probably been told by friends and family to shop around for the best refinance rates. The problem with refinance rate shopping is that most people do more harm than good. Here are five tips to help you get the lowest...

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Cash Out Refinance Definition - RefiAdvisor

Cash out mortgage refinancing is a less expensive option for tapping into your equity than home equity lines of credit or second mortgages. Here is the basic definition of a Cash Out Refinance .

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Suppose for example, your home is valued at...

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Wells Fargo Mortgage Refinancing - RefiAdvisor

Mortgage Blog > Bank Mortgage Refinancing > Wells Fargo Mortgage Refinancing

January 12, 2008

by Robert Regehr

If you're considering taking out a mortgage to purchase your home or refinance your existing mortgage with a bank like Wells Fargo, here are several things to consider first. Refinancing with the wrong lender could not only cost you thousands of dollars but could lead to the loss of...

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SunTrust Mortgage Rates Scam? - RefiAdvisor

Richmond, VA 23260

SunTrust Mortgage Rates Review

The problem I have with bank originated mortgage loans is that because of a loophole in the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act the bank is required to give you little more than a truth-in-lending disclosure with a fictitious Annual Percentage Rate (APR). With that being said SunTrust Mortgage Rates were very upfront with closing costs like the loan origination fee .

On a $250,000 mortgage refinance, the loan origination fee was $4,000 or 1.6 percent. One percent for loan origination is reasonable; however, 1.6 percent is simply too...

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Mortgage Loan Processing Fees - Avoid Mortgage Pitfalls ...

If you are in the process of taking out a new mortgage to purchase your home or refinance your existing mortgage, the fees you pay can make the difference between getting a great mortgage loan and paying too much. The fees on your Good Faith Estimate are often cryptic and many brokers leave the most important loan processing fees out completely. Here are several tips to help you make sense of...

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Can I Refinance My Mortgage If My Home Is Underwater or ...

If the last appraisal of your home valued the property at $350,000 but your lender is telling you it's now worth $260,000 you can still easily refinance if your mortgage is less than $200,000. The problem comes when you owe more than the property is worth, meaning you have "negative equity" in your home.

The straight answer to the question of mortgage refinancing when you're underwater is possibly; however, there may be other options available to you. This may not be the answer you want to hear and for this I...

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Best Refinance Companies - RefiAdvisor

Looking for the best refinance...

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