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American Home Loan Counselors – Consumer Complaint ...

American Home Loan Counselors - Consumer Complaint - February 10, 2015

By Consumer on February 10, 2015

Consumer Statement:

Not sure if this is a continuation of a previous scam you discussed, but in regard to the "Modification Review Board" and Brown Legal post: today, as I am in need of legal assistance with my crappy lender, I ended up contacting a "nonprofit" organization called "American Home Loan...

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Is Modification Review Board in Sandy Utah Legit?

Now I have asked Modification Review Board in Sandy, UT. They are asking for money in order to go head working for me. At time I don't have the money but was going to get it out of my retirement again. I don't know what to do. Please give some advice.

How can I tell if Modification Review Board, in Sandy, UT is for legal?"

I took a look at their website at

Are they...

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This is How You Can Settle Your Navient Student Loan

This is How You Can Settle Your Navient Student Loan

By Steve Rhode on January 6, 2015

"Dear Steve,

My wife has a reasonably large private student loan. I have recently come into money and would like to settle this loan with Navient for a lesser sum than what is owed on the loan. What is the best way to go about this and what questions should I ask in order to get a settlement?


Dear Chris,

While Navient may say they don't settle private student loans they hold, they actually do. Settlement offers I've seen have been in the 45%-50% range...

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